AFL Headlights

AFL Headlights

AFL Headlights

It is possible to retrofit AFL headlights to the Astra H. Below is a parts list for the items required with an indicative cost, you would need to consult your dealer for accurate prices.

See and where you may find brand new cheaper

Most people acquire as much as they can from breakers yards or the 2nd hand market.

We offer a full loom to enable the retrofitting of the lights and have the AFL functioning

Part No.DescriptionQuantityApprox Cost
93178645Headlamp, ASSY, LH-LH Traffic1£270
93178646Headlamp, ASSY, RH-LH Traffic1£270
13210773Control Unit, headlamp levelling2£210
24406569Control Unit, Headlamp Ignition with seal2£205
93177645Control Unit Headlamps2£90
13255278 13152245Sensor, Headlamp levelling (Hatch, Convertible) Sensor, Headlamp levelling (Van, Estate)1£75
13110383Bracket, Headlamp levelling sensor1£20
11094425Nut, Hex, M6, sensor to rear axle2£1
13110384Control Unit, Angle, Headlamps, (Used with AFL)1£170
93186708Electrical connector for levelling sensor.1£9
13129266 13129267Light switch – Xenon, Fog Lights, Auto Lights. Light switch – Xenon, Fog Lights1£65

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