Factory Bluetooth

Factory Bluetooth

Factory Bluetooth

Have you bought your car expecting it to have bluetooth fitted because it has a Phone button on the dash?

It surprises a lot of new owners and dealers it would seem that Vauxhall would fit a phone button in every car but not bluetooth. If all your button does it mute audio, then it isn’t fitted.

You could settle for an after market system, but if you want it to be exactly as it would have come from the factory then it is possible to retrofit the factory Bluetooth to the Astra J, Insignia, Zafira C, Meriva B.

Main dealers will tell you it is not possible to fit and may even discourage you from doing so. This is because they are either not interested in doing it or more likely it’s because Opel don’t support the dealer network doing such works.

A kit needs to be installed connecting into the radio and them programmed.

Programming can only be undertaken using an MDI with the appropriate access to GM SPS programming. For Astra J cars prior up to MY12 it may be possible to program without requiring a VCI code from GM, all MY12 Astra J on cars require one. For the Insignia, this rule doesn’t really apply, although Navi systems often don’t need a VCI code regardless of age

Compatible Radios

  • CD400 Pre Facelift (RPO code UZZ)
  • CD400 Plus
  • CD500 Navi
  • CD600 Navi
  • DVD800 Navi
  • Navi 900

Non compatible Radios

  • CD400 Facelift Cars (which are not RPO code: UZZ)
Lookers Vauxhall
Perrys Vauxhall
Baylis Vauxhall
Evans Halshaw Vauxhall
Pentagon Vauxhall



Diagnostics.org.uk and Tech2.guru has installed or supplied these kits to these main dealers.