CD400 Unlocking

CD400 Unlocking

Theft Detection Description

The radio theft deterrent system is intended to disable radio functionality if incorrect vehicle information is received by the radio. The radio disables functionality if the vehicle identification number (VIN) sequence received by the radio (A VIN sequence is usually the last six digits of the VIN.) does not match the VIN information learned by the radio. The radio receives this information in a serial data frame form.

The radio provides the following theft operating modes as part of the radio theft deterrent system:

•  No VIN Mode – A radio that has not received or learned a VIN. In this mode the radio has limited functionality.
•  Normal Mode – A radio has received a VIN sequence. The radio only learns the VIN sequence if the VIN sequence contained all six digits. In this mode the radio has full functionality.
•  Theft Detected Mode – A radio that had previously learned a VIN sequence and subsequently received a VIN sequence not matching the learned sequence. In this mode the radio has limited functionality.

CD400 & CD400 Plus Unlocking

It is possible to update the VIN stored in the radio to match your car, this is essential if fitting 2nd hand equipment into your car.