Fault Diagnosis

Fault Diagnosis

Fault Diagnosis

If you have the spanner light on the dash or you suspect you have other faults, I can diagnose all Trouble Codes stored on the car.

I can provide the same information available to Vauxhall technicians to assist with the repair.

The more recent cars use GDS2 to diagnose faults and older vehicles use Tech2 to read the fault codes. We only use genuine MDI hardware and can diagnost both systems.

The Pedal Test

Some fault codes can be self read by doing what is called The Pedal test

  1. Fully press both the accellerator & brake and keep pressed
  2. Turn the ignition to II but do not start the car.
  3. Note down any codes which come up in the mileage display.

Codes will be in the form ECNxxxxx

If you put the ECN code into the DTC Checker on this site, it will give you some basic information.