Heated Seats

Heated Seats

Heated Seats Retrofit

These can be retrofitted providing your vehicle has the large fuse box in the boot which has the necessary terminals for the relay and fuses.

It is unlikely that all the wiring will be fitted, sometimes no wiring at all will be fitted, sometimes just the wiring for the switch will be missing.

The things to check for are detailed below:

REC – Rear Electrical Centre

If you have a REC it will look like this

The relay goes in K4 and fuses 39 & 40. Check you can see the metal terminals in these positions.

This is the large connector with grey handle in the photo above. If you have these pins you should have the under seat pins below.

Seat Wiring

This is the cars connector under the seat. If these terminals are present you only need the switch wiring. If empty you need all the wiring.

If you have none of the wiring in these positions you then need the complete loom. If you have the wiring, you only need to add wiring from the switch to the X1 connector in the passenger footwell.

If you don’t have a REC, then heated seats cannot be retrofitted easily. If you have a REC but not the terminals for the relay and fuses, you will need a replacement REC.

Switch panels

Part # Lock Sport Park Pilot Heated Seats DDS Remote boot
94705467 X X X
94705471 X X X X
94705473 X X X X X
13129290 X X
13129292 X X X
13129294 X X X
13129296 X X X X
13129285 X X
13129286 X X X
13129288 X X X X
13129289 X X X
13129291 X X X X
13129293 X X X X
13129295 X X X X X

Colour 2 Switches 4 switches 6 switches
Matt Chrome 13149396 13149392 13149388
Piano Black 13250668 13250662 13250666