Heater Controls

This guide is for the most common type of heater controls. There is another type where access to the circuit board is made from the front having removed the dials.

This back cover is held on by tabs. If you lever them around the edges the black back cover will come off.

You can now see the circuit board which is held in with tabs again.

Lift out the circuit board. Be careful not to move any for the controls on the unit or it will be difficult to reassemble.

On this circuit board there is a small copper contact which fits between the circuit and the white case. This is used to pass the button press for the A/C to the car. If you do this and find your A/C no longer works, check to see if it is fitted correctly or missing.

Be careful when removing the old LEDs, the circuit tracks are very fine and it is very easy to pull them up if the solder isn’t molten when you lift. You need to be careful not to get it too hot as well.