Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

It is not  a legal requirement to retrospectively retrofit TPMS to your vehicle.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring can be retrofitted to your car. Once fitted and programmed you will have the trye pressures of all 4 wheels displayed on your compatible GID or CID screen.

It is a requirement on this vehicle to retrofit and have a fully working Deflation Detection System (DDS) fitted. This is usually a straight forward although potentially expensive retrofit. There are only certain ABS pumps which work with DDS, if you have a non compatible version it has to be replaced and they retail around £1200 from the dealers.

If your car has DDS fitted as standard then you only need the TPMS valves and the control unit.

See the tables below to find the part numbers for the buttom module and centre console you may need.

Part # Lock Sport Park Pilot Heated Seats DDS Remote boot
94705467 X X X
94705471 X X X X
94705473 X X X X X
13129290 X X
13129292 X X X
13129294 X X X
13129296 X X X X
13129285 X X
13129286 X X X
13129288 X X X X
13129289 X X X
13129291 X X X X
13129293 X X X X
13129295 X X X X X

Colour 2 Switches 4 switches 6 switches
Matt Chrome 13149396 13149392 13149388
Piano Black 13250668 13250662 13250666

UK Law on fitment

By November 2014, all new passenger vehicles will have to have TPMS installed by the manufacturer

The law is not currently retrospective, and does not apply to older vehicles

TPMS is now part of the annual vehicle test, and applies to all newly registered cars from January 1st 2012.  This means that a car with a faulty TPMS will fail the vehicle test from January 2015

Until 2015, a faulty TPMS will only be an advisory and be listed on the testing certificate (UK).  Different European countries may interpret the EU legislation differently.

There are hundreds of thousands of cars on European roads with sensors removed.  The cost of replacement is high, circa €40.00 to €80.00 for the sensor, and €65.00 for updating the ECU where required.   Rubber tyre valves are used to replace the sensor and the warning light disabled, however this practice will be prohibited on new-type 2012 cars. Insurance implications will be the same as for disabling an airbag or ABS.  Disabling a safety system on a vehicle may become an offence