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Tech2.Guru is a sister site to diagnostics.org.uk and operates under RJP Projects Ltd which was established in 2010 by Richard Peck, the Tech2 Guru.

Since 2005 Richard has owned and modified Vauxhall cars posting information on various owners clubs forums.

As cars developed, so did the systems within them, making it more complex to add functionality not fitted at factory. Upon purchasing an Astra H it became clear that the time had come to invest in some serious diagnostics equipment.

Initially Vaux-Com was purchased from Ilexa at a cost of £700, this had reasonable coverage and carry out the tasks needed at the time. I then came to retrofitting the AFL xenon lights, a task not undertaken by anyone in the UK at the time. Vaux-com was unfortunately lacking in coverage, so I made the decision to invest the £2000 needed to purchase a genuine Tech2 to give the same programming functionality as the dealerships.

Having retrofitted most of the factory options, I began getting requests to help others install the same retrofits. It was at this point I set up RJP Projects Ltd to assist people with their own retrofits and programming. I set up diagnostics.org.uk to provide the information necessary and discuss their needs.

I decided to launch tech2.guru as an information resource to answer a lot of the common questions I receive or to assist new owners in identifying the types of retrofits and modifications possible for their vehicle.

Many people approach the dealer network for advice and are left believing that some retrofits or programming isn’t possible, when this isn’t always the case, this site hopes to provide accurate information.

Our Team

Richard Peck

Richard Peck

Managing Director
Owner of Tech2.Guru. Over 5 years experience of modifications and retrofits with hundreds of satisfied customers.