Astra H – Insignia Washer Jets

Part Numbers: 12782508 & 12782509

Price: around £4.30

Dificulty: Easy

Special Tools Required: None

The washer jets fitted to the Vauxhall Insignia give a much better spray of water onto the windscreen. This helps clean the windscreen better whilst using less water.

Open the bonnet

Remove the rubber seal at the back of the engine

Gently tap the old jets out

Lift the panel a little and pull the jet & hose out

Do the same with the other jet and then pull it to remove the 2 jets from the pipe

Note the difference, the Insignia is on the left, the Astra on the right

Pull the 2 jets off the rubber pipe and push the new Insignia ones on as I have done with the one above.

Clip it back onto the plastic pipe and reassemble. It can be a little tricky to get them to clip back in, but they do fit OK.

Testing the jets