Astra H – How to retrofit AFL headlights

Parts Required

Part No.DescriptionQuantityApprox Cost
93178645Headlamp, ASSY, LH-LH Traffic1£270
93178646Headlamp, ASSY, RH-LH Traffic1£270
13210773Control Unit, headlamp levelling2£210
24406569Control Unit, Headlamp Ignition with seal2£205
93177645Control Unit Headlamps2£90
13255278 13152245Sensor, Headlamp levelling (Hatch, Convertible) Sensor, Headlamp levelling (Van, Estate)1£75
13110383Bracket, Headlamp levelling sensor1£20
11094425Nut, Hex, M6, sensor to rear axle2£1
13110384Control Unit, Angle, Headlamps, (Used with AFL)1£170
93186708Electrical connector for levelling sensor.1£9
13129266 13129267Light switch – Xenon, Fog Lights, Auto Lights. Light switch – Xenon, Fog Lights1£65

The wiring diagrams

This is the wiring diagram for the left light.

The differences in the wiring compared to the halogen headlights are:

Pins 9 & 10 – Need new earths
Pins 7 & 8 – Need swapping over.

Pin 12 on XE2 needs removing and rewiring into AFL control unit.

Modifications to Headlight loom connector

If you want to manually add the missing earths it can be done with this method

  1. Remove the bumper & existing headlights.
  2. Drill through the empty 2 positions in the headlamp loom connector
  3. Fit appropriate female terminals into the empty holes.
  4. Connect these 2 new pins to the 1.5mm brown earth cable already in the loom or to one of the chassis earths.
  5. Use a terminal extractor and swap over pins 7 & 8 in the loom connector.
  6. Insulate & cloth tape up the loom.
  7. Carefully fit the AFL headlights which have been fitted with bulbs, power & control units.

If you want a simple plug and play solution, we manufacture and sell a jumper loom to add the earths and swap over the pins 7 & 8. We also sell a complete loom with all the wiring necessary.

Headlight Loom

Full Retrofit Loom

The Levelling sensor.

p/n 93186708 - Make a new loom up with sufficient cable to reach the passenger footwell. Do not use the terminals provided as they will be used in the fuse box.

Join the levelling sensor ball joint to the bracket ready for fitting.

There are 2 studs on the car body near the fuel tank, this is where the levelling sensor fits.

The studs will be corroded as they have been exposed. Carefully remove as much of the rust as you can with a wire brush or Dremel. There is a risk they will be sheared off if not completely cleaned.

Fit the levelling sensor and bracket and plug in the electrical connector

Remove the rear bench and feed the loom up through the grommet above the sensor. Run the cable neatly around to behind the glovebox.

Additional wires to add to the UEC

Remove the battery and the lid to the fusebox

  1. Remove existing level bit signal (pin12) of XE2 which goes to the levelling switch.
  2. Insert the following termonals and run the cable through the grommet to behind the glovebox
  • AFL Ign Voltage
  • AFL HS CAN Low
  • AFL HS CAN High
  • Level bit signal

Insert the pins into the appropriate places as in the photo

The AFL Control Module

Remove the glovebox, run the wires from the fusebox through the firewall to the rear of the glovebox.

  1. Connect an earth to the earth stud below the glovebox.
  2. Fit appropriate terminals to the ends of all the wires.
  3. Plug them onto the correct pins of the control unit.
  4. Connect Tech2, program the AFL control unit and enable AFL on Highspeed CANBUS and all the modules which have AFL within the variant configuration.