Astra J

Services and Retrofits

The Astra J introduced a whole new type of diagnostics and programming system and is significantly different to the Tech2 based system used on earlier models.

GDS2 replaced Tech2 for fault code reading and diagnostics.

The majority of programming is now done online using VCI codes which can make some retrofits a 2 step process where a code VCI code is requested and once received the code is programmed into the vehicle.

Factory Bluetooth

£ 280
Waiting List
  • As installed at factory
  • Fully Integrated
  • Original Vauxhall parts
  • Additional display stuck on dash
  • Compatibility

USB Retrofit

£ 180
Fitted & programmed
  • Original parts
  • Fitting
  • Programming
  • CDC400 & CD400 Plus Compatible
  • CD400 Compatible (Facelift)

Trip Computer

£ 30
  • Fully Programmed

LED Conversions

Technical Service Bulletins