Check Control Retrofit

This guide for replacing brake disks and pads was kindly provided by “Cross-Keys” at

Whilst applicable to the Astra H and Zafira, the same principles may apply to other models.

Remove the engine plastic cover

Locate the EGR Valve

Undo the bolts shown. Watch out for the two metal gaskets.

It can get very clogged up to the point of becoming blocked

Undo the two 8mm upper retaining screws (one on each side), adjacent to the headlights.

Disconnect the cable from the front temperature sensor, then you should be able to remove the bumper. Another pair of hands would be useful when doing this. The sides of the bumper will need to be disengaged from the body by pulling them outwards and upwards.

The washer bottle looks like this.

Here are the parts which need fitting.

In order to fit the washer sensor, a hole needs to be made in the washer bottle. The grommet is a push-fit into the bottle, then the sensor is pushed into the grommet until it is fully home. I measured the diameter of the grommet and it was somewhere between 19mm and 20mm. I would suggest that you measure yours in case there is any difference. I used a hole cutter to make the hole, however hole cutters can sometimes cut larger holes than the stated size, so I would recommend drilling some test holes before doing the real thing. I found an old plastic oil can to practice on.

I tried a 17mm cutter and a 19mm cutter.

The 17mm cutter made a hole that was too small, however the hole made by the 19mm cutter was perfect.

Now it was time to make the hole in the actual washer bottle. I put the grommet in the correct location and marked the location with a pencil, after which I marked the centre.

Once the fluid had drained, the hole could be drilled with the 19mm cutter.

Here′s the finished hole.

Once this was done, I put the washing up bowl in place and poured water into the filler in the top, in order to flush out any plastic swarf that may have got into the bottle. There was a little swarf which came out.

I smeared a little washing-up liquid around the sensor and then pushed it fully home.

The wiring loom can then be fitted onto the sensor and connected into the UEC and an grounding stud.

The coolant bottle just needs draining and replacing with the wiring added. It is worth checking for the connector by the ABS pump as it is sometimes pre-wired.