How to contact Pecky the

I prefer to keep all communications online as it helps me keep a record of discussions. As you can appreciate I get a lot of requests and queries every day. It would not be possible for me to keep on top of telephone conversations as well as online.

The map below gives the location of and

Please note that all visits must be by appointment via the Bookings calendar as I cannot guarantee to be available at all times.

As the sister site to, this is my preferred contact point.

Here you can ask questions about what you have read on this site or ask any questions about your car not covered.

The Help Desk area of is private and only the original poster and myself can see the content of threads in this forum. I prefer this method to Private Messages as it is much easier for both of us to follow the discussion.


Other methods of contacting me.

I am also a member on the forums below. If you are not familiar with them already, why not take some time and have a read as they all provide a wealth of information and advice.

VXR Online

Please note, we cannot provide telephone advice regarding works.

Registered Office: 5 Waterside Way, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV9 5LL.   Tel: 0330 223 4230