Repair Headlight Bracket

This guide was kindle provided by “RobertWeaver” at

Part Numbers: Headlight Bracket Repair Kit :- 93180335

Price: around £20

This is very useful as it has 3 replacement brackets for each headlight, meaning ALL brackets can be replaced if needed, and screws are also included.

Open the bonnet

You will need a T-15 key or screw driver which is a minute star key basically, and tools to remove the bumper…YES the bumper has to come off also

First off, remove the grille.
Undo the pop rivet type fastenings on the grille and then pull the grille free from the bumper- this is scary as it is quite tough and sometimes clips can break ( apparently ) but once it is out- you can breathe easily.

Next up; remove the bumper. The bumper is held in with 2 screws in each wheel arch, 3 popper clips underneath the car securing it to the front sub frame and then there are clips underneath the grille which you will see ( I was not concentrating on taking pictures of bumper removal as I was too busy rushing through to the headlights.
Once these are done; disconnect the fog lights and ( if you have them installed like me…) headlight washer jets ( you MAY be able to leave these connected and drop the bumper down infront of the car- but you can see how you go)
Now…with an assistant ( or do a side at a time ) pull the bumper from the inner arch upwards and outwards as it sits in a ridge under the bottom of the headlight. It will make a clicking/ creaking sound then jump out. It is not quite free yet- it needs to be freed up from the edge that was sitting under the grille- these clips just press in and push forward.
Ease the bumper out and marvel at the polystyrene bits that Vauxhall put behind this then remember what you are supposed to be doing- removing a headlight to fix it!

8mm bolts hold them in situ; 1 under the edge of the headlight near the wing, then one clip on top of the wing and one to the inside which the grille would have obscured.

Its FREE! will be when you ping the loom free; this is a red clip that is lifted up with a flat head screw driver and teased out.

If you look at my picture; it is the inside bracket that I have to replace. I have a picture included to compare so you get a general idea of the anatomy of the headlight and replacement bracket.

You will see that the new bracket will not fit without some work- time to get the hacksaw/dremel out! The brackets all have lines in to guide where to cut- as pictured.

Take a deep breath and then check, check and check again, time to chop! Pictured is the end result, the new brackets slide into grooves in the headlight and line up with 2 screw holes.

Time to get the replacement bracket on! Grab the 2 star screws ( T-15…I think it is torx or torques? But I don’t want to get it wrong so I will call them star screws) and here we go- taa daa!! It is not as tidy looking as I first thought it would be, but it is A LOT cheaper than funding a new light, especially AFL items!

Now to refit, follow the reverse, so…clip the light loom on, 3 x8mm bolts, bumper clipped on, clipped around wings, 4 x screws, fog looms ( and washer looms if you are lucky enough to have them )then the grille J you may need the headlights realigned but that is virtually it!