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Pecky's Vauxhall Decoder

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Pecky's Vauxhall Decoder will be able to tell you the security code and other information from an EEPROM dump retrieved from one of the compatible items.

Mileage Correction calculation for various models is also included.

This software will not read the EEPROM directly, you will need your own hardware / software to extract the dump.

The software is locked to a specific Computer ID which is unique. Each purchase is for licence codes to TWO different Computer ID's to enable you to run the software on two PCs, e.g. a Desktop and Laptop.

The software required Microsoft .net Framework 4 in order to run, It can be downloaded from the Additional Software tab along with a Computer ID checker For full details, please see the full description tab below.

Click this link for coverage details and changelog

Go to https://peckys-decoder.com to purchase

Online version at no additional cost for Windows Software users

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I aim to ship orders within 48 hours of placement.

Product Description


Purchase Instructions

  1. Goto https://peckys-decoder.com
  2. Create a user account.
  3. Place your order through the Purchase credits / Software link and pay by PayPal.
  4. Enjoy instant online decoder access
  5. Download the software and find your computer ID
  6. Request your license at https://peckys-decoder.com


The online version has lower cost options for lower volume users, these provide credits for online use only.

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