Astra H – Cleaning the EGR valve 1.9CDTi

The EGR valves on the 1.9 CDTI have been known to clog up with soot which can lead to their failure. A new EGR will cost you around £100 when it fails, so a little clean every now and then won’t do any harm.

Remove the engine plastic cover

Locate the EGR Valve

There is an electrical connector on the left hand side of the valve. Use a screwdriver to push down the yellow tab to release the connector.

Undo the bolts shown. Watch out for the two metal gaskets.

It can get very clogged up to the point of becoming blocked

Don′t forget to check the engine side as well

Give it a good squirt with the carb cleaner and the carbon deposits will come off. I keep wiping it with blue roll and then squirt a bit more.

If you remove the solenoid from the valve by undoing the torx screws, you can push the rod in to clean the internal valves.

Once you are satisfied you have cleaned as much of the carbon as possible, reverse the process and re-assemble everything. Don’t forget to re-connect the electrical plug!