Light Switch

There are 2 main types of light switch. The other type has a mix of PLCC-2 and 1206 LEDs, disassembly follows the same principles

This back cover is held on by tabs. If you lever them around the edges the black back cover will come off.

You can now see the circuit board which is held in with tabs again.

Lift out the circuit board. Be careful not to move any for the controls on the unit or it will be difficult to reassemble.

Remove the needles. I use 2 spoons with some paper to protect the dials

Carefully remove the black frame around the LCD. Gently lift the LCD screen out of the frame and flip it over flat on the table. Rotate the clocks keeping the LCD flat and then carefully remove the white front piece.

Alternate Version

This version has clear plastic tracks to distribute the light from the LEDs

LED Board (Xenon lights) your board may have extra LED for height controller.